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Where once there was excess now there is absence
The heart that once skipped only for you
Now is filled with an unforgiving silence
Never forgetting the pain of the last injury
Where once my heart fluttered now it only beats
The beats fewer and further in-between than before our meeting
Before our kindled flame and our roaring flames
Where once the beats were strong and musical
Now are just simple and necessary to function

The embers of what was had are still burning
Different from the flames that crested high
Before yellow, red and orange now just a faint glow
This glow is all that can be seen in the dark
The dark of the unforeseen
The black of the unknown
The uncertainty of this, our new surroundings, we stare at the glow wishing for the fire and flames to crest high once again, or yet even put off heat to warm the cold of the night.
Neither reaching to rekindle the embers waiting for the other, but one must start.
One must brave the dark the black the uncertainty the unknown.
The unforeseen is what scared us and is what is still crippling us from moving forward to restart the wisps of glowing fire
These wisps that are all that left on top of these embers that once supported a majestic roaring inferno
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July 2, 2012
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