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The sight of the two acting as if as one is enough to release the chains of fenris
Tempted to release all of the words learned by Ratatoskr onto either of the two
And just like the hand of Tyr bit off by Fenris my hands are no longer under control
Just like Frigg parading her son Baldur around, Loki is once again tempted to ask the mistletoe to help bring them back down to a mortal level
Poison forever dripping upon my body to writhe in agony until the end of days

But yet holding it all inside churning and boiling the linings of my stomach until she fulfills her promise and lets loose all of the secrets she is hiding in fear of all of this
Until that Promised day I wait with an open mind, open arms and closed hands.

With no end in sight and no mend within reach, most of the poison has already spilled
Some of it onto others, innocent bystanders seeing the struggle of  two lovers whose hourglass has long been emptied
A glass of which neither touch in fear of the remaining poison still residing inside the chalice

And yet when that day comes nothing will spill as it has already been caped
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July 2, 2012
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