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While I may not be ready to be friends just yet I am willing to take the first steps down a long road. Even if I trip up and fall I am willing to pick myself up and try again. I am not aware of how long this road will be however I know that it is longer than I thought it would be.

Are you willing to hold my hand as I travel along it, to hold me up as I fall, to put the daily effort into the journey? I am willing to venture on the path less traveled. The path is wide enough for two and if you wish to not travel with me you will be staying behind me watching my back as I walk proudly forward. However if you choose to stay behind my hike will be a lonely one.

I would wish for you to travel at my side, both of us guiding the other along the way. I have been waiting for your answer, and only just have you giving me any response. However your answer was vague and worrying to me.

So I ask once more will you walk the dark forest trail with me? Tripping and falling along the way. Holding and guiding each other.

A word of warning to this question, If any point along the way you start to purposefully push me astray I will forge ahead without waiting or warning you.
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July 3, 2012
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